Professional Certificate in Personal Fitness Training

Course 1-Introduction to Exercise Science Level I-(Kinesiology)

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Announcement: Online Registration:

IMPORTANT: When exploring this demo, we request that you do not adjust/modify the demo's User ID and Password. Thank you.

To register for the Certificate in Personal Fitness Training or the Advanced Certificate in Personal Fitness Training, click here to Find a School in Your Area.

Dear Interested Student:

Welcome to the On-line Professional Certificate in Personal Fitness Training Demonstration course and congratulations on your commitment to educational excellence. Whether you are new or are planning to enter the fitness industry or are a practicing personal trainer looking to update your skills with the most current research and techniques available, the certificate program will deliver in-depth information under the guidance, leadership, and instruction of experienced faculty members and industry experts.

If you are interested in viewing this DEMONSTRATION COURSE ONLY-OPEN ENROLLMENT: Course 1-Introduction to Exercise Science Level I-(Kinesiology), please Click Here, for the demonstration password and user ID. PLEASE NOTE: As you browse though this demonstration course, you will be asked to input the demonstration ID and Password before viewing the demo course content and information.

The Certificate is designed to provide students with the theoretical framework and practical training skills necessary to prepare certificate graduates to take the American Council of Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer® (CPT) and the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Certified Personal Trainer® (CPT) Certification exams. Students may also register for the Advanced Certificate Program, which consists of students completing three additional courses. For a hands-on learning experience, students may wish to take our optional elective internship course for an on-site practical experience.

I wish to personally thank you for your interest in the program, and in behalf of myself and the other instructors, we look forward to having you in class.

Ken Baldwin, M.Ed,
Program Coordinator
Professional Certificate in Personal Fitness Training

Switching Over to New System This Week!    Posted: Jul 9, 2012
Hi Students, Starting today we are going to begin the process for switching everyone over to the new system. Be on the lookout for emails from us regarding your new user info and password for accessing the new system. Most of you will be able to keep your current user name, but we may have to provide a few of you with new user names. Please note you will be receiving a temporary password for accessing the new system as well. As another reminder, once we email you with the new login information, you will also be provide with 6 additional weeks from your original end date to complete the course(s) you are currently logged into. So if your current end date is July 12th, your new end date would be 6 weeks from then, so your new end date would be August 23rd. Also, please be sure copy an image of your grade book by using the “Print Screen” button on your computer. This way if there is any discrepancies with grades, you will have documentation of the grades you had before switc

Course Description
Overview of Program:

The Nations first Online Professional Certificate in Personal Fitness Training is a collaboration between industry experts, faculty members, internship affiliates, national organizations, and our Board of Advisors. This interactive, comprehensive Web-based On-Line Professional Certificate in Personal Fitness Training is a six month program designed to supply essential education integrating exercise science concepts from the areas of biomechanics, physiology, neurology, motor learning, functional anatomy, training theories and techniques, etc. into a logical, progressive learning sequence for the student.

Advantages of the Online Certificate in Personal Fitness Training include:

  • On-Going guidance, instruction, and interaction from instructors/faculty members that hold either a Master's or Ph.D Degree in Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology, Biomechanics, Physical Therapy, Nutrition, or other exercise science related field.

  • College courses will provide CEC's or CEU's, for personal trainers seeking recertification, group fitness instructors, physical therapists, RD's, athletic trainers, and chiropractors.

  • A Optional Supervised Field Internship Elective Course experience at approved partnered internship site facilities. Students may also elect to intern at a facility of their choice either in the U.S. or Internationally (with program coordinator/instructor approval) , or at a facility they may already be working at.

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